Review of The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley

After leaving a bartending job with a boss who relentlessly sexually harassed her, Jess decides to crash with her brother Ben in Paris to get back on her feet. However, when she arrives, Ben is nowhere to be found and as time goes on, it becomes clear that some sort of foul play has occurred. As Jess works to find out what happened to her brother, she uncovers dark secrets about Ben’s neighbors and how he had become entangled in their web as he worked on his latest story.

I has such high expectations for this book. I absolutely loved The Guest List and I couldn’t wait to dive back into another thriller after going on a big of a sappy Colleen Hoover bender (reviews to come). Unfortunately, I was incredibly underwhelmed by this book. All of the characters are terrible and lack depth.At over 200 pages in there had been barely any character development or plot progression that I found myself simply reading because I was too far in to give up. Without giving away any spoilers, many of the plot twists are so far fetched. Also, I felt like there were many plot points that were simply dropped or the resolution was loosely inferred which left me feeling disappointed.

Ultimately, this was not the page-turned I was hoping for. While I appreciate a thriller with a slow burn, this novel lacked suspense and the ending was sloppy, rushed, and disappointing. Since The Guest List was such a hit with me, I definitely haven’t sworn off Lucy Foley completely, but I just expected so much more from her.

Let me know your thoughts if you’ve read this book and help a girl out with some good recs because book morale is low over here!

2 out of 5 stars

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